16-12-2017 00:06
John Buultjens was taken into care when he was just seven after attacking his abusive father.
15-12-2017 18:51
The airport says its performance was lifted last year by a strong rise in military aircraft refuelli...
15-12-2017 13:55
The 37-year-old victim had to undergo an emergency operation on his neck and has been left scarred.
15-12-2017 13:25
The 51-year-old carried out the offences at various addresses in Glasgow between 1981 and 1990.
15-12-2017 12:28
James McGeown stood by the open window of the car for two-and-a-half hours in freezing rain.
15-12-2017 01:13
We spent a night with the Glasgow street pastors, as some people were merry on their Christmas night...
14-12-2017 16:08
William Kelly beat his mother and set her alight after she "embarrassed" him at a party.
09-04-2016 22:13
Award-winning novelist Kirsty Gunn warns of the damaging effect of political influence in the arts